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The Plus or Minus Podcast is the first podcast devoted to Fudge, The Freeform Universal Do-it-Yourself Gaming Engine.


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Fudge and Roleplaying advice, stories, and ideas, as well as show notes for The Podcast.

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Whats all this then?

This is the Plus or Minus Podcast, the first Fan podcast dedicated to the Fudge Roleplaying Game. Fudge is the Freeform Universal Do-it-yourself (or Donated) Gaming Engine. It was written by Steffan O'Sullivan with the help of the group and is currently published by Grey Ghost Games.

Plus or Minus is dedicated to helping people get the most from this classic toolkit, and hack it into the game of their dreams.

The Fudge RPG already powers Blood in Space, Psi-Punk, Gatecrasher, The Princess Bride, Now Playing, Icons, Ghost Ops, Hack-n-Slash, HeartQuest, Monster Kart Mayhem, The Unexplained, as well as the Fate toolkit including Fate Core and Fate Accelerated Edition.


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