Season 2 drops March 4th!

The wait is finally over! I hope…

I’ll level with you, life got in the way. I didn’t get as many episodes queued up for this season as I’d have hoped.

Some good news though, I got new equipment! Also I have one episode in the can, an interview with Jacob Wood of accessible games, creator of Psi-Punk and Monster Kart Mayhem. Additionally I have a clever Idea.

Fudge 1995 edition book study!

Ta Da! Ok, let me explain. I’m going to read a block of the 1995 edition of Fudge (which is OGL), and I’m going to intersperse that with explanations, analysis, and some small amount of riffing.

Basically I want to take one of the games greatest weaknesses head-on. You can’t “fix” fudge without fixing, or at least appending, the core rules. Not that there is anything wrong with the rules, just the presentation hasn’t always been the best.

Additionally I’m still working on original material for the game. If you have any ideas, tips, or questions about the Fudge RPG please comment below or on our Discord server and it might make it on the show.

SO I hope your ready Fudge Nation, because season 2 is on the way!

Whats your take?